How to reset To factory Default EMC VNX 5200

I had a problem on EMC VNX 5200 that was missing connected enclosures, the pools whare “Stuck” and we could not delete any think as the storage was in off line state :

Solution :

install NaviCLI-Win-32-x86-en_US- which will give you cli access to the storage, latest manual can be found here :

Instruction on how to install can be found here :

The command to execute according to the manual is :

NaviSECCli.exe -h <ip address> sc_off

But when running it also as admin you get :

Turn out some command you have to run with –messner at the end, so the right way is to run :

You can enter engineering mode in Unisphere on an EMC array by holding down CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + F12. Enter the password: messner

Good Luck

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