How to migrate FRS to DFSR Replication Method

When join windows 2016/2019 to domain 2008/2003 you can get error like :


The specified domain %1 is still using the File Replication Service (FRS) to replicate the SYSVOL share. FRS is deprecated.

The server being promoted does not support FRS and cannot be promoted as a replica into the specified domain.

You MUST migrate the specified domain to use DFS Replication using the DFSRMIG command before continuing.

For more information, see


To do that first make sure all Domain Controllers are replicated :

Repadmin /syncall /force /APed

The start migration , Migrate to Prepared State :

Dfsrmig /setglobalstate 1

Make sure the process has finished :

Dfsrmig /getmigrationstate

You should get :

Only then continue with :

Dfsrmig /setglobalstate 2

You should get

Only then continue with :

Dfsrmig /setglobalstate 3

You should get


Then stop the service :


Good Luck


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