How to repair mailbox on exchange server

Example 1:


New-MailboxRepairRequest -Mailbox -CorruptionType FolderView


Example 2:

This example only detects and reports on ProvisionedFolder and SearchFolder corruption issues to Ayla Kol’s mailbox. This command doesn’t repair the mailbox.

New-MailboxRepairRequest -Mailbox ayla -CorruptionType ProvisionedFolder,SearchFolder -DetectOnly

Example 3:

This example detects and repairs AggregateCounts for all mailboxes on mailbox database MBX-DB01.

New-MailboxRepairRequest -Database MBX-DB01 -CorruptionType AggregateCounts

Example 4:

This example detects and repairs all corruption types for Ayla Kol’s mailbox and archive.

New-MailboxRepairRequest -Mailbox ayla -CorruptionType ProvisionedFolder,SearchFolder,AggregateCounts,Folderview -Archive

Example 5:

This example creates a variable that identifies Ann Beebe’s mailbox and then uses the variable to specify the values for the Database and StoreMailbox parameters to create a request to detect and repair all corruption types.

$Mailbox = Get-MailboxStatistics annb

New-MailboxRepairRequest -Database $Mailbox.Database -StoreMailbox $Mailbox.MailboxGuid -CorruptionType ProvisionedFolder,SearchFolder,AggregateCounts,Folderview


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