Hyper-V Virtual Switch error after applying setting due to LBFO deprecation in Windows Server 2022

In Windows Server 2022, the traditional LBFO (Load Balancing/Failover) teaming mode is deprecated for Hyper-V virtual switches. when applying the new VM switch you can get this error :

Instead, the recommended approach is to use Switch Embedded Teaming (SET). You can overcome this deprecation by using the New-VMSwitch PowerShell cmdlet with the appropriate parameters. Here’s the syntax for creating a virtual switch with NIC teaming using SET:

New-VMSwitch -Name "YourSwitchName" -NetAdapterName "YourTeamAdapterName" -EnableEmbeddedTeaming $true

This command creates a new virtual switch with the specified name, binds it to the NIC team adapter, and enables embedded teaming for the virtual switch[3][4].

The deprecation of LBFO teaming for Hyper-V virtual switches in Windows Server 2022 is a part of the transition to the more modern and flexible SET technology. By using the provided PowerShell command, you can effectively create a virtual switch with NIC teaming using the recommended SET approach.

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