What is the Best Tools To Add After Minimal CentOS Instalation

Sometimes is is easy just to install CentOS with minimal installation CD as it is only around 700MB, Faster to download or to copy. I would suggest adding this tools for easy server management :

Nano – Simple Text Editor :

yum install nano

network tools – for configure IP (ifconfig) and such:

yum install net-tools

Graphical network manager :

yum install NetworkManager

Webmin – Web base manager for linux :

Instruction how to install WEBMIN on CentOS 7

Htop – more details top tools

yum install epel-release

yum install htop

NCDU – nice command prompt file browser

yum install ncdu

IPTRAF – network trafic monitor

yum install iptraf        (start with iptraf-ng)

The rest is according to your needs or machine role in my opinion, another page with more installation option. Click here

Good Luck

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