How To import & export DHCP server Setting


The Best and simplest way to export and import DHCP setting between servers is with NETSH utility, For example to export all the DHCP settins, First open CMD as Administrator on the server with the dhcp running :

server \\localhost
export c:\dhcp-settings all

Then copy the file c:\dhcp-settings to the new server (in this example to c:\), Add the DHCP Role and then open CMD as Administrator:

server \\localhost
import c:\dhcp-settings

Restart the DHCP server service just to be on the safe side that all is well and check if the setting migrated fully .

Another example – The following command exports the configuration that pertains to scopes and to the c:\Temp\Dhcpdb file:

export c:\temp\dhcpdb

And to import back to the new server :

import c:\temp\dhcpdb

More inforamtion can be found here

Good Luck

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