How To Download ZOOM recording from zoom site

I came across a request to download zoom lesson/meetings from the zoom site, apparently the recording saved online get deleted from time to time.  here are the steps for downloading those movies, lesson/meeting recordings when there is no other option or download buttons.

First go to the webpage witch you can see the movie. then open the browser code editor, usualy its pressing F12 on the keyboard or you can use.

Go to elements -> right click on mouse and click “edit as html” , copy the url to the clip



Next you need to create download link -> click again on the Body tag and add

<a href=" the copied clip link from before" download>Download</a>

Now you have new download link and you can just click or right click with mouse and choose “save as”

In some cases there is restriction using right mouse click. To over come this limitation you can remove this contextmenu event by additional editing of the page-> elements -> Event Listeners  -> contextmenu -.> Click remove


Good Luck

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