Hyper-V Replica Reverse Replication with Certificate Authentication ‘Hyper-V failed to establish a connection with the Replica server ‘‘ on port ‘443’. Error: The connection with the server was terminated abnormally (0x00002EFE).’

When trying enable replication between hyper-v servers you might get this error “The connection with the server was terminated abnormally (0x00002EFE)”

This error usually means there is network problem like firewall blocking but it could be happening from other reason as wall, make sure :

  1. Firewall open on the replica server with the right ports, build in rules for hyper-v replication port enabled.
  2. The hyper-v version on the replica is the same or newer&supported then the incoming hyper-v server.
  3. If it is certificate base authentication, make sure all the servers involve included as subjects in the certificate the short name+FQDN name including the name of the hyper-v broker (if you are replicating from cluster), also make sure that you have set the right certificate on the replica server.

As last option try enable replication from Powershell as I have notice that this error can happen if there were replication to dead/missing target :

Enable-VMReplication VN-name -ReplicaServerName "Replica Server Name" -AuthenticationType Certificate -CertificateThumbprint "22e9b591e5785e15e............" -ReplicaServerPort 443

Enable for all the VM on host :

Get-VM -ComputerName "Hyper-v host name" | Enable-VMReplication -ReplicaServerName "Replica Server Name" -AuthenticationType Certificate -CertificateThumbprint "22e9b591e5785e15e............" -ReplicaServerPort 443

Good Luck

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